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We’re here to help you meet your goals, whether that includes increasing revenue, reducing debt, improving profitability, or spending less time in the office. We employ proven goal setting and budgeting techniques to identify logical steps you can take to make your goals reality.

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Bottom-Line Management

How is your business performing against your short- and long-term goals? Using proven techniques and measurements, we’ll help you identify ways to improve business performance.

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Asset Protection

You’ve worked hard to make your business a success. We take a proactive approach to helping you protect your hard-earned assets against litigation.

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Business Startup

If you’re considering starting your own business, we’ll help you think through important decisions such as what type of business entity you should be, the kind of financing you’ll require, whether a line of credit makes sense, projected cash flow needs, net income goals, accounting systems, and so on.

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Financial Planning

When it comes to meeting your long-term financial goals, you need the expertise of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Through a sister company, we can help you develop a financial plan suited to your specific goals that includes everything from long-term health care to investments to retirement planning including Roth IRAs to estate planning.

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Estate and Succession Planning

With proper advanced planning, you can avoid paying unnecessary estate taxes. Our job is to help ensure that the people or organizations you care about most receive the benefit of your estate. Additionally, as part of the step-by-step estate planning process, we’ll work with you to ensure your business survives your death, disability, or retirement with minimal disruption to the operation.

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Accounting System Setup

We have a vested interest in ensuring that the accounting system you set up, whether manual or computerized, makes sense for your business.

The more sound the information you provide us, the better we can interpret your business’ financial performance and help guide future actions.

Sage (formerly Peachtree) & QuickBooks & Xero Setup & Training

Computerize Your Accounting SystemReady to computerize your business accounting system? We recommend Sage (formerly Peachtree) or QuickBooks, or Xero — three popular accounting software packages.  We can set it up for you.

Already have Sage, QuickBooks or Xero?  Learn how to use it better!  We train businesses and individuals using Sage accounting, QuickBooks accounting or Xero accounting packages.

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Tax Planning and Preparation

We take a proactive approach to tax planning. Throughout the year we continuously review your financial performance against your business goals and look for ways to improve your bottom line, including reducing your overall tax burden.

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Payroll Management

We’ll show you how to set up a payroll check process and create necessary quarterly reports or, if you prefer, we’ll manage the entire process for you.

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Bank Loan Assistance

We’ve developed a network of loan officers who have proven themselves reliable, responsive, knowledgeable, and focused on our clients’ banking needs. We’ll work with you to help you understand financing options and direct you to the loan officer who can best support your goals.

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SBA Loan Assistance

If you’re starting a new business and are looking for SBA loan assistance, we can help. We’ll help you determine the best short- and long-term financing options and work with you to secure an SBA loan or other moneys available through other government programs.

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Debt Reduction Techniques

Debt is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, throughout a business’ life, there are appropriate times to borrow money. We can help you determine when and how much to borrow, the type of loan best suited to your goals, a sensible repayment schedule, and the tax implications of your decision.

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Turnaround Consulting

Many businesses, at some point, experience a downturn in revenue. Using proven techniques, we can help minimize your exposure by developing a step-by-step plan for putting you back on a path towards profitability.

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Employee Benefit Planning

Confused by employee benefit programs and the tax implications of each? We’ll help you determine the benefit program that’s right for your business, and direct you to experts who can help implement the program.

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Retirement Plan Assistance

We’ll help you determine when it makes sense to set up a retirement plan. We’ll also help you understand the pros and cons of different plans so you have the information you need to choose one that’s right for your business. Finally, we’ll ensure you’re matched with an expert with a proven track record who can implement your retirement plan.

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Audit, Review, and Compilation

Numbers tell a story far beyond their face value. We can help interpret your financial statements and provide you the information you need to make sound decisions. Depending on the level of review you require, our staff will perform a detailed audit, a thorough review, or a summary compilation.

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IRS Audits and Correspondence

Did you know that over half of the correspondence from the IRS is incorrect? We’ll determine the accuracy of any correspondence you receive and advise you, so you’re not penalized for the IRS’ mistake. Additionally, should you be audited, we will act as your representative and work on your behalf.

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Buy/Sell Agreements

If you are in business with one or more partners, a buy/sell agreement helps ensure there are minimal disruptions to your business in case you or one of your partners is faced with death, disability, retirement, or divorce. We’ll help you craft a buy/sell agreement that makes sense for you, your partners, and your business.


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