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2013 Tax Year - Preparation Checklist


-Wages (W-2s)                                                

-Interest, Dividends, Capital Gain Distributions (1099s)

-Sales of Stock or other property including Cost Basis (1099s & Broker Statements)

-Rents and Royalties (may receive 1099)

-Alimony (need SS# of payer)

-Pensions, Annuities and other Retirement Accounts (1099)

-Unemployment Compensation (1099)

-Social Security and Railroad Retirement Benefits (1009-S or 1099-R)

-Business and Farm Income (may have 1099-MISC and/or CCC 1099-G)

-Partnership, S Corporation Trust and Estate Income (K-1)

-Gambling and Lottery Winnings (1099-G or W-2G)

-State and Local Income Tax Refunds

-Scholarships and Fellowships (1099)

-Other Miscellaneous Income, i.e., Personal Auto Use

-Cancellation of Debt (1099-A or 1099-C)


- Health Care Insurance and Expenses, Including Long Term Care Premiums

- New Dependants (need date of birth and SS#’s);

- Adoption costs

- Home Mortgage Interest, Equity Loan Interest, Private Mortgage Insurance

- Investment Interest and Expenses

- Charitable Contributions (cash and non-cash property)

- Out-of-Pocket Expenses and Mileage for Volunteer Services

- Union and Professional Dues

- Child and Disabled-Dependent Care Expenses

- Job-seeking Expenses

- Traditional or Roth IRA, Keogh, SEP and SIMPLE Contributions

- Expenses for Business Use of Automobiles/Trucks

- Unreimbursed Business Expenses

- Alimony Paid (need recipients SS #)

- Work-related Moving Expenses

- Real Estate Taxes

- Casualty and Theft Losses

- Education and/or Vocational Expenses

- Estimated Tax Payments Made

- Educator Expenses

- Gambling Losses


Questions you have for 2013: _______________________________________________

Events that may occur in 2014: ______________________________________________

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